Sunday, 10 November 2013

Big goose day!

I mentioned yesterday that I was hoping for a movement of Pink-footed Geese but without success, today certainly made up for it. I was watching the shrike at around 8am when a text from Ken brought news that he had four skeins on view from the Triangle on Beeley, almost immediately I heard the honking calls and two skeins passed directly overhead. I joined Ken at the Triangle and by 10am we had had well over 1000 birds heading SW. 
Odd skeins can pass over at any time during the winter but we usually get one or two 'big goose days' when several thousand cross Derbyshire from the Stockport/ Martin Mere area heading for the Wash. 
With Peregrine, Golden Plover, several Raven and three Stonechat and clear blue skies it was quite a morning.

Pink-footed Geese

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