Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Goshawk v Raven

Ravens calling overhead whilst I was walking on the moors today caused me to look up to see two birds interacting with a second calendar year female Goshawk. They were quite distant but I thought the photos gave a useful size comparison.
The Goshawk was not that much smaller than the Ravens and was instigating the interaction, chasing and dive bombing one or other of the Ravens for several minutes.
Goshawk 2nd calendar year female with Raven

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Red Kite - Haddon Hall

With the persistent dull, cloudy weather I have not been taking many photos, or for that matter seeing many birds! So, it made a nice change today to catch this Red Kite sailing over Haddon Hall. 
Red Kites have been in very short supply over the winter, but there have been one or two records north of Derby in the last week or so and perhaps this is the same wandering individual.
Red Kite

Friday, 3 February 2017

Green Woodpecker - Bakewell

What a difference it makes to have a bit of sunshine. Plenty of Buzzards on the wing today with at least one pair displaying. A Green Woodpecker was calling on the outskirts of Bakewell and I eventually managed to get a photo of the male, showing the red centre to the moustachial streak which separates it from the female which has an all black moustachial streak.
Green Woodpecker - male
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