Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Norwegian Fallow Deer - distribution

Managed to find a small group of the Norwegian Fallow Deer this morning near Stanton. Two stags with fine sets of antlers and three younger males. The antlers look slightly orange at this time of year.
I've done an approximate distribution map of these Black or Norwegian Fallow Deer and I'd be interested to hear of any sightings outside this area or where I have put the question marks.
I've never seen any of these deer east of the River Derwent but have seen them either side of the River Wye near Haddon Hall and I think they must cross the Wye somewhere in this area. I was uncertain of their occurrence in Manners Wood until Martin Derbyshire caught several animals on camera traps. They are also now seen in the Coombs Road area and I wonder if they have moved into this area relatively recently.
Norwegian Fallow Deer
Approximate distribution of Norwegian Fallow Deer


  1. Great pictures Andy. I've been meaning to get out with the cameras again as I'm wondering about Muntjac in the area.

    P.S. Also great shots of the SEO's. Is dusk a good time to spot them?

  2. Thanks Martin, the only report I have heard of Muntjac was apparently on the track above Lumb Lane a couple of years ago. Camera traps are probably the best bet.
    Mid-afternoon (2pm onwards) probably best for Short-eared at the moment.

  3. Correct name for male fallow deer is a buck and not a stag.

  4. Thanks for that, I think I've made that mistake before

  5. Hi Andy I have seen the Norwegian fallow deer a number of times in the evening on the track upto cratcliffe and robinhoods stride from the parking on b5056. I have in fact just seen one today

  6. brilliant to have this blog to document the fallow. i had no idea we had any around here until recently. I saw a bunch of does above rowsley in the woods to the left of where it says rowlsey on your map. WHere is the best spot to see the bucks, and where do they spend their spring? I'm off on a search for them and their cast antlers tomorrow any help would be appreciated. Give me a reply or text me if you want to keep their destination a secret. cheers

  7. Hi Harry, apologies for the delay in responding just got back from France.
    There are several places where the bucks congregate; Clough Wood is a popular spot but they are difficult to view in the woodland. The fields north of Dale View Quarry and the fields on the right of the road below Stanton in Peak heading down to the B5056 opposite Stanton Hall are also good areas

  8. Yes Andy ...we live above Snitterton and had four in the garden this morning... regular visitors and have been for at least the last 11 years we've lived here.
    We're a good mile or so closer to Matlock than Wensley...right up on the hill and they eat in our garden :)
    contact me if you need to...

  9. Thanks for that, their range clearly extends a bit further south than I have it on my map.

  10. I go and see them every week in the small woods straight across enthovens in darley bridge. I get really close to them too even when walking my dog. Love seeing them and managed to get a good close up photo with my sister camera last Sunday. I'm yet to see a big buck though. Also saw them in clough wood a number of times.


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