Sunday, 14 September 2014

Peregrine in a tree at Chatsworth

Although they are more commonly seen sat on rocky outcrops in quarries or on the moors the Peregrine will also use trees as a vantage point. This bird was sat in a large tree near the river at Chatsworth.


  1. Im lucky enough to work in Lathkill Dale and saw a beautiful peregrine yesterday at close range. No camera though I'm afraid!

  2. Yes Alec that's something I experience with some regularity.... no camera, no binoculars!

    1. Such an excellent and informative website. Keep up the good work. I check in several times a week and thought that it was time that I posted.

    2. Thanks Alec, always happy to receive sightings or photos from around the area,

  3. Hi Andy, apologies if you receive this for the third time - having a few account problems.

    I've been checking in on this site for some time - wonderful information and fantastic photos. I've now hopefully started officially following (or have joined - not quite sure which !), but I'm based over at Bakewell and I'm often out and about with my camera (in a very amateur fashion) and wondered if it would be useful if I let you know of any interesting sightings I stumble across?

    Many thanks,
    Martin D

  4. Martin, always pleased to hear of any news locally or to receive photos of local wildlife. You can e-mail me direct at


  5. Thanks Andy, emailed you a couple.

    The Goosanders you saw earlier in the year appear to be doing well. I saw them last night on one of the many gravel islands with the river being so low !


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