Sunday, 3 November 2013

Glossy Ibis - Bakewell

The Glossy Ibis is not a bird I had thought would make it on to the Darley Dale blog any time soon, despite the fact that there has been a significant influx in to the UK this autumn. I haven't noted the total but there must be over a dozen birds in the UK at present and I was lucky enough to encounter one of them last weekend at Spurn. 
News that there had been two sightings over Bakewell yesterday was still therefore quite a surprise so this morning I drove up the A6 as far as Ashford checking the flooded fields but without success so I headed back to the moor where I did manage to see the Great Grey Shrike (below). 
News that Mark Pass had relocated the bird by the A6 just south of Bakewell was both a relief and slightly embarrassing as I must have driven past the bird twice on my early morning trip.
Not sure how many records there are for Derbyshire, I'll have to wait for the imminent publication of Roy Frost's 'The Birds of Derbyshire' to find out, this looks to be a first winter bird.
Glossy Ibis

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