Sunday, 17 November 2013

Great Grey Shrike - Farley Moor, another Great Grey?

Ken called me mid-morning to say he was watching a Great Grey Shrike at Farley Moor, did I know if the shrike was still at Wragg's? I was just leaving Chatsworth so drove via Wragg's but for the first time for some while there were no other birders around. I drove round to meet Ken but the shrike had just flown over the tree tops. Walking around the clear fell areas we soon re-found it. Unlike the Wragg's bird whixh appears to be feeding on caterpillars this Great Grey was repeatedly sallying high into the sky to take insects.
I managed to get some photos and it looks like this bird has less white at the base of the primaries and over the eye and bill. We have had two birds around in previous years so it's not a total surprise. Not sure what it was feeding in, a winged insect with quite a fat body and perhaps 1 to 2cm body length - suggestions welcome.

Great Grey Shrike

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