Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Short-eared Owl on post

A classic photo of the Short-eared Owl this afternoon. Out hunting in spite of, or perhaps as a result of, the continuing inclement weather. Anyway I make no apologies for posting another photo of this superb owl.
Short-eared Owl


  1. What a fantastic photo ! Where on the moor are you seeing the short eared owl . Deidre Brown

  2. Hi Deidre, it was close to the Triangle over the field with gorse in it. I went up many times over Xmas when it was in the area but only saw it at dusk so it's only the last couple of days when it has been hunting mid-afternoon. The photo is taken from the car by waiting for the owl in a likely spot so there is a lot of luck (and patience) involved. Great bird though!

  3. Hi Andy, have you happened to see these Owls lately? A few trips by a few people and it seems to have moved on :(

  4. Hi Tes, I've been away for a week but as far as I can tell there have been no sightings of the owl since around 9th January.

    1. A shame :( I'd been really eager to photograph this beauty!


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