Saturday, 23 July 2016

Morophaga choragella - Large Clothes Moth

It's possible that this moth caught last night, the Large Clothes Moth, could be as rare in Derbyshire as the Caspian Tern but it's not as easy to check recent records. It's not listed in Butterflies and Moths of Derbyshire which was published in 1988 but there are doubtless some records in the intervening years. Although it doesn't look like there are an dots for Derbyshire on the National Biodiversity Network map it doesn't look like Derbyshire data is included in the data set.
It's quite large for a micro, the wing length was 12mm which helps to separate it from many similar moths 
There is one record for Yorkshire in 1999 published in the Millennium Review by the YNU in 2002 which might indicate the moth is spreading northwards which is also suggested in the Micro Moths of Great Britain and Ireland. 
It's a good record in any case but I don't think it can compete with the Caspian Tern!
Morophaga choragella

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