Sunday, 13 April 2014

Peregrine Falcon quarry drama

I visited a local quarry this afternoon to check on the Peregrines and Ravens. There was clearly something bothering the Peregrines when I arrived as both birds were calling loudly. I soon saw why, a first summer female Peregrine was also flying round in the quarry. As the youngster circled the adult female fly up from below her, twisted over and grabbed the youngster. They span round whilst the adult clutched the youngster with both birds calling loudly. The adult let go after about 20 seconds and the youngster flew rapidly away whilst the adult returned to the quarry face. 
Peregrine - first summer female

Peregrine Falcons


  1. Amazing!

    I really enjoy your blog. I used to think I was observant until I added your blog to my reading list!


  2. Fantastic series of shots Andy :-)

  3. Very interesting and brilliantly captured!

  4. Thanks Rod, Doug and Hugh for the comments, shame I didn't get the calls as we'll!

  5. been looking for the peregrine for over a year now after seeing one take a pigeon at the Whitworth park. only other sighting was about a month ago high up above Two Dales.

  6. The best place to see and photograph the Peregrine is probably Belper Mill. In June/July if they have young to feed they will be most active.


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