Thursday, 28 July 2016

Probable Hoary Footman - re-identified as Scarce

Last July Simon Roddis trapped a moth in Darley Dale which he thought was probably the Hoary Footman and I agreed with him, there are more details here along with some general info on its occurrence in the UK. 
One year on and I caught a moth in the garden trap yesterday that looks like another Hoary.
Probable Hoary (left) with Scarce Footman
The hindwing is white on Hoary whereas it's more buff on Scarce. This is impossible to see on the sat moth but I was able to knock these out with Ethly Acetate and carefully spread the hindwing before the moths woke up. 
Not entirely conclusive but the hindwing on the probably Hoary is paler. I will canvas opinion from those who regularly trap this moth.
Scarce (left) and probable Hoary Footman
Footnote: Jon Clifton at Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies has dissected the moth and confirmed that it is a male Scarce Footman, demonstrating how difficult Hoary can be to identify in the field

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