Monday, 4 January 2016

Barn Owl - Elton Common

Not much opportunity to see any wildlife, never mind get any photographs, with the current weather. I did have a bit of luck last night though; James had a puncture and was stuck between Hulme End and Warslow so I had gone to pick him up. 
Coming back over Elton Common we came across a Barn Owl hunting by the side of the road at about 17:30.
Fortunately James had his camera and managed a record shot as it hunted quite happily along the road-side verge, we watched it for about 10 mins before it headed off across a field.
Barn Owl


  1. A sight to brighten up any day Andy :-)

  2. Yes, thanks Ian but would be nice to see with some daylight...if we are due any!


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