Friday, 8 January 2016

Goshawk in the Peak District

With a brighter start to the morning I decided on a longer walk in the Peak District, it was generally quiet apart from a few Buzzards but this second calendar (2cy) year Goshawk made the trek worthwhile. 
Unless there is a hidden pair of Red Kite somewhere the Goshawk vies with Merlin for Derbyshire's rarest breeding bird of prey and like that species they are mainly in the Peak District.
The 2014 Derbyshire Bird Report records 16 sites in the Peak District for Goshawk and just 10 for Merlin which reflects my impression that the Goshawk is fairing better than the Merlin at present.
The Goshawk is easy to identify in this plumage as the Sparrowhawk has no equivalent plumage and all have barred underparts at this time of year. The strength of the rufous colour on the breast and underwing coverts of 2cy Goshawks is variable and this one is at the stronger coloured end of the spectrum.
I've produced a short article on Northern Goshawk identification and ageing on my Wildlife Diaries blog with more photos if anyone is interested. 
A couple of people have mentioned that they hadn't realised that if you click on a photo you can get a larger image, so that's something to try if you weren't aware.
I'm in the French Alps again next week so updates will be on the Wildlife Diaries blog unless I'm sent any interesting photos taken locally.
Goshawk 2cy (juvenile)

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  1. Goss nest across the river from you, and up a bit. Three young uns this year.


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