Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Mountain Hare in the snow

I have wanted to photograph Mountain Hares in the snow for a long while, but it's not that straight forward. 
You need snow off course, which this winter has been in short supply, but too much snow and the roads are closed, too little snow and it defeats the objective.
If the snow is too deep it is very difficult to cross the moors plus I'm carrying my photographic equipment. Today I took both 500mm and 300mm although in the end I only used the 500mm.
Low cloud can also be a problem, during the winter visibility can be reduced to a few metres on the moor for days on end so you need to watch the weather forecast.
Finally, and it really goes without saying, you need the Mountain Hares. 
As usual I went up to the Bleaklow area off the Snake Pass. Driving up I thought the snow had all but disappeared but once past the Snake Pass Inn there was plenty on the tops.
There were plenty of hare foot prints in the snow but it took quite a bit of walking before I located one that was prepared to sit still with me close-by.
Was it worth the effort...a definate yes!

Mountain Hare


  1. Fabulous pics.

  2. Thanks Doug, it was a good day and well worth the effort.

  3. Super jealous! The last few times I've been up Bleaklow I've not found a single Hare :(

  4. Hi Andy, I am an Artist and would love to paint one of your photographs of the Snow Hare ( they are fabulous) I wondered if I could have your permission to do this? I would of course give you full credit for the photograph.

  5. Hi Pam
    No problem with you painting one of the hare images, send me a photo when its done!

    1. Thank you so much Andy and Yes I will.


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