Sunday, 9 November 2014

Red Deer - Beeley Moor

Whilst there now appears to be a small established Red Deer population in the Whitesprings / Flash Lane area they are not frequently seen on the open moor. These three hinds looked like they were set to cross the road but then moved off towards Fallinge Edge followed by two young males.
A walk around Chatsworth produced a couple of female Gooseander on Emperor Lake, three Mandarin, 6 Tufted Duck and 20 Teal at Swiss Lake and a few scattered Brambling during the walk.
Red Deer


  1. A good number of years ago I saw couple of deer in Halldale Wood - just down from Whitesprings Plantation - no one believed me

  2. That is a lovely shot Andy. Several years ago I conducted a fairly large scale study of urban and sub-urban deer around South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire, including some larger rural herds. The reds, circa big moor, and Fallow (black), circa Darley are well known. There are several reports of reds going back many years located in the Matlock moor area, just to the east. However, numbers appeared to be reducing due to, err, shall we say, other pressures.

  3. Thanks Andy and Martin for the comments. I've never seen deer in Halldale Wood but it is surprising how elusive they can be for such a large animal.
    The population of perhaps 15 animals around Flash Lane is relatively new, appearing during the last couple of years, no idea where they have come from but assume Chatsworth.
    I have heard of possible sightings of Sika deer in Clough Wood but nothing confirmed.


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