Friday, 28 August 2015

Osprey - juvenile Rowsley

Ken took these superb photos of a juvenile Osprey on the River Wye just north of Rowsley earlier today, he watched it fly away in the Chatsworth direction having caught a fish. Whilst it may stay in the area for a few days the best chance of seeing an Osprey at the moment in Derbyshire is at Ogston where 1 to 2 birds have been present for several weeks and there were 3 seen today.

Osprey juvenile Rowsley (© Ken Smith)


  1. Great views at the moment of a couple of Ospreys on Ogston Reservoir. I had the pleasure of watching one catch its lunch on Tuesday (1st September) at the 5th dive7

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  3. Still Ospreys at Ogston I think but I have had no luck in seeing them.


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