Monday, 31 August 2015

Black Redstart female - Peasunhurst

Ken has done it again! Finding a Black Redstart at the old farm on the B5057 towards Stonedge. This is the same place as the bird he located last July so it's probably the same bird. The last one stayed through September so hopefully it will do likewise this year.

I took some distant photos today using the 500mm lens and 2x converter in the rain, the farm is private so there is not much chance of getting close views I'm afraid. Also the B5057 is busy here and vehicles travel at high speed on this straight section of the road. There is a pull in opposite the farm.
The bird is moulting with missing tail feathers and tertials it also shows an orangey cast to parts of the breast which is strange and it will be interesting to see what the bird looks like in a few weeks time if it stays in the area.

Black Redstart - female


  1. Wonderful Andy. Also got to say that those are excellent, sharp images for such a range. I find it most troublesome to try and get sharp photos if I try and use a converter. Harder than it sounds I think !!

  2. Thanks Martin, still there today i think but the views are distant.


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