Saturday, 29 August 2015

Cormorant with colour ring

No sign of yesterday's Osprey at Rowsley this morning but a couple of Cormorant included a bird with a yellow colour ring. It looks like the inscription is Z74. This looks like a ring used by the Rutland Water Ringing Group which would make sense, I'll e-mail the details and see if I can find out more.
Confirmation that Z74 was ringed as a chick in May this year at Rutland Water, with its record details showing it was still there in early July.

Place of ringing        Grid Ref            Date              From brood of 
RutlandWater             SK8808              15/05/2015       3
Sighted at                  Grid Ref            Date              Distance travelled Direction Duration
RutlandWater              SK8808             10/07/2015     0 km                                      56 days

Rowsley, Matlock        SK2565              29/08/2015    85 km                     NW         106 days

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