Friday, 5 June 2015

Wood Warbler at last

For once I'm happy to be proved wrong! A couple of days ago I commented on the decline of the Wood Warbler and speculated that they may no longer occur in the Matlock/Bakewell area. Today I had a male singing in the woods at Darley Dale - so there is at least one bird in the area. 
It may be that the spell of cold weather delayed their arrival although as I mentioned they have been recorded at Padley Gorge.
Wood Warbler


  1. Nice photo of wood warbler, A couple of weeks ago having had views of the two Wood Warblers in Padley Gorge I noticed the one in the top of the gorge had a silver ring on its right leg, Just thought I would share this bit of info.

  2. Thanks, the RSPB is undertaking a study in to the Wood Warbler decline but the study areas are Wales and Devon. Sheffield University is also doing some work to identify the habitats birds such as the Wood Warbler favour in their wintering grounds in Africa which has included ringing the birds as well as detailed analysis of feathers and it may be that your bird is part of that study.


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