Saturday, 20 June 2015

Quail - Elton Common

Simon sent me a message yesterday to say that he had had two, possibly three Quail calling at Elton Moor late yesterday evening. I spent this evening in the area and heard one bird calling intermittently shortly after 9pm, doing the distinctive three note 'wet-my-lips' call. I was taken completely by surprise when it flew across the field in front of me and only managed a rather blurred photo as it was landing.
I have only previously seen one Quail in flight before in the UK and that was about ten years ago when one circled my moth trap in Darley Dale calling late one summer evening! 
The Quail is scarce in Derbyshire and numbers recorded, usually just of calling birds vary but the Elton Common/ Pike Hall area appears to be one of the more reliable areas for them.
Although the photo is poor I've posted it as I'm unlikely to get another!
Quail landing in wheat field

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