Sunday, 8 December 2013

More Crossbills at Chatsworth

This photo is of part of a flock of around 50 feeding on Larch cones on the bottom edge of the clear fell below Park Farm. Most of the time was spent in the Larches but occasionally they flew to this lone Birch tree in the clear fell. Nothing but Common Crossbill as far as I could see.
Common Crossbill


  1. Could you please let us know exactly where the crossbills have been seen. Thank you very much

  2. There is a clear fell area between Park Farm and Swiss Lake at SK272 694. Follow the footpath which leads down to the house from the crossroads below Park Farm.
    The crossbills were in the Larch trees bordering the footpath on the west side of the clear fell and occasionally flying in to a lone birch tree in the clear fell so giving good views. There were other small groups flying over.

  3. Thank you very much, hopefully they are still there on Saturday


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