Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fallow Deer - Clough Wood

I would like to photograph the Fallow Deer in the Stanton area over the autumn/winter so have been making a few visits to locate the flock and see which areas they are using. I estimate the herd at 45 - 55 but have also seen a further smaller population north of the river Lathkill at Haddon, all are of the black form and are therefore quite distinct from those at Chatsworth. Reading Derbyshire Mammals the herd was brought to Stanton Hall from Chartley Park in Staffordshire in 1800 from where escapes have occurred since the 1920's to establish the current population.
They are not easily approached and quickly retreat in to the woods when disturbed so obtaining decent photos is not as easy as it might appear for such a large animal.
Fallow Deer

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  1. There's easily over 200 in the area, possibly double that.


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