Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Dusky Thrush - Beeley village present for 3rd day

The Dusky Thrush was still in Beeley village this morning. It showed well several times in the Orchard, viewable from the Dukes Barn Outdoor Centre from first light to about 8:30. It returned about 10:30 to feed on an apple in one of trees before turning up again in the hawthorns on the northern end of the playing fields. It was then not seen again until 12:50 when it was again at the northern end of the playing fields finally, It returned briefly to the Orchard around 3pm.
Dusky Thrush - probably first winter

Thanks again to the folk at the Dukes Barn Outdoor Centre who again provided parking (just £3 for the charity), bacon and sausage cobs and toilet facilities. They even brought out chips and sandwiches to the birdwatchers waiting patiently by the Orchard and at the Playing Fields.
Birders at the Playing Fields

I estimated there were around 250 birders yesterday and a similar number today. 
The weather was gloomy and overcast (again!) and the Beeley - Chesterfield Road is still closed during daylight hours.
Beeley village

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