Saturday, 17 December 2016

Dusky Thrush back in Beeley village

After leaving the moor this morning Mel and I decided to stop off in Beeley village. The sun was shining, for a change, but we had no great expectations. However, as the orchard came in to view at Dukes Barn Outdoor Centre the first bird we saw was the Dusky Thrush hopping off the ground in to the closest apple trees! 
It was around 10:15 and it stayed around the orchard until about 10:25 before flying up the hedge at the back of the centre. Mel then picked it up again feeding with Redwing in a hawthorn. We then lost it so went to have a look at the orchard on School Lane but no sign, so walked back to Dukes Barn and there it was again at around 11:30. Again it flew away up the hedgerow at the back of the centre.
Doubtless it has been in the area all the time and now present for 2 weeks.
Dusky Thrush

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