Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Whooper Swan - Middleton Moor

In rather inclement weather conditions I made my first visit of the winter to see the Starling roost at Middleton Moor this morning. Just to get an idea of the number of birds I find the morning easier as birds arrive over a couple of hours coming in to roost but depart in a couple of minutes the following morning. The birds departed in three groups this morning at 07:40 and I estimate that there were no more than 10,000 birds which is much less than I've seen at this time in the prior two years. It is still quite a sight though.
There is no problem with visiting the site with parking on the roadside at Moisty Lane. The landowners, British Fluorspar, request that visitors stick to the footpath and viewing area as the settlement pits are dangerous.
Having seen the Starlings I visited the open pools and was greeted by the sound of calling Whooper Swans at the hide with two adults present until about 9:10 when they left to the SE. A single male Stonechat and 17 Golden Plover were the only other birds of note.

Whooper Swans

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