Sunday, 22 November 2015

Shag - Linacre Reservoir

I was disappointed not to see the Shag at Carsington yesterday and surprised to hear, as I was leaving, of first one, then four and finally eight birds at Linacre Reservoir.
Originally found by Peter Stoppard of Linacre Blogger fame, more birds were found by subsequent visitors with 8 the final total.
The birds were initially dispersed this morning but 5 were eventually located preening together by the water inflow on the middle reservoir with a 6th bird in the water. All 8 from yesterday could well have been there. All the birds seen this morning were juveniles.
Described as a rare visitor, usually in winter in The Birds of Derbyshire the highest recorded count is of 11 birds at Ogston Reservoir in 1993, so this looks like the second highest count.
A pair of Kingfisher, at least 10 Mandarin, 3 Great-crested Grebe and three Teal were also on the reservoir.
If they stay it will be worth a visit in better light.

Shag - juveniles

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