Sunday, 6 April 2014

Mandarin Duck display

One of the strangest wildlife sights locally is to see Mandarin Ducks sat high in a tree. This is perfectly normal behaviour for them and is something I see regularly but they are easily overlooked and disturbed and do look decidedly out of place.
This morning I came across 5 males and two females in a loose group in 2 Alder trees by the river at Rowsley. A female was joined by two males. The females stood between the males moving he head and neck vigorously from side to side why the males stood still displaying their plumage. The female appeared make her selection and snapped at one of the males which then flew off leaving the pair together before they both flew off up river together.
Ken reported a male Redstart singing near by and Willow Warbler in the same area on Friday which I've added to the migrant arrivals list.
I caught 2 Water Carpet last night, both pale and dark forms, another Pine Beauty and the usual Quakers.
Manadarin Ducks displaying

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