Saturday, 18 January 2014

Tufted Duck with nasal tag

Whilst at Carsington looking for the Scaup (below) I came across this female Tufted Duck with a bright blue nasal tag. Mentioning this to Roger he advised that Tufted Duck AAS has been seen on and off each winter since 2009 and was tagged near Nantes in France in 2007. Can't say I find the idea of the nasal tag too appealing bit this individual has worn the tag for over 6 years so it doesn't appear to have caused it any problems.
Tufted Duck - female with nasal tag


  1. Hi Andy, have you any objections to me sending a copy of that photo to the bill saddling team?

  2. No problem Clive, I've e-mailed the photo - let me know if it doesn't arrive or if you need anything more.



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