Friday, 31 March 2017

Oystercatchers at Chatsworth

Still feeling very Spring like with warmer temperatures over the last couple of days but apart from an increase in the number of Sand Martin on both the Wye and Derwent I've not added any summer migrants. 
A pair of Oystercatcher at Chatsworth is interesting though, I had a single bird around Chatsworth last year but perhaps this is a breeding pair which would be the first time in the immediate Darley Dale area I think.

Another bird which looks like it could breed in the area is the Greylag Goose which I am seeing more frequently in the area with 5 seen this morning.
Greylag Goose


  1. Oyster Catchers don't muck about if they think you are too near their nest or chicks. They have no trouble knocking your hat off and then pecking and pulling your hair until you've cleared off. Wonderful birds but on a shingly river bank it is hard to see when you are too near their camouflaged eggs or chicks. Great blog but I've told you this before... ;-)


  2. Cheers Rod, I presume you have not come across Oystercatcher anywhere else on the rivers in the Matlock, Bakewell, Chatsworth area?


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