Monday, 16 May 2016

Pied Flycatcher - Darley Dale

I was away when the Pied Flycatchers returned to the local Oak woodlands in mid-April so I have been keen to catch-up with them, especially whilst the sunshine persists! 
I came across several singing males this morning and witnessed a food pass from male to female, part of their courtship ritual. 
The female is quite interesting as she shows a bit more white at the base of the primaries than is typical for Pied, showing that caution and additional features are needed when looking for other female flycatchers.
It looks like nest building is underway but the females are not incubating just yet.
Pied Flycatcher - female
Pied Flycatcher - male
Pied Flycatcher - female
Pied Flycatcher - male passing food to female


  1. They used to come and nest in the old buildings at Alport Mill. Not seen them there for 10 years now. Well seen and lovely photographs of them too. Thank you and keep 'em coming...


  2. Thanks Rod, They are great little birds. I think the population has stayed relatively stable in the 20 years or so that I have been in Darley Dale. They benefit from nest boxes which seem to bolster the population where natural sites are in short supply.


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