Saturday, 21 May 2016

Osprey and Hobby - Harland Edge, Beeley Moor

The prospects didn't look good when I left the house in a persistent drizzle this morning but the rain eased off and I ended up on Harland Edge again. A couple of Buzzards were hunting along the edge when a larger bird appeared from the East. Even in the murky conditions it was clearly an Osprey. It drifted slowly down the edge before disappearing over Bunkers Hill much as the Red Kite had done on Thursday. Two Osprey were seen in the same area on Tuesday so it's possible that this could be one of those birds remaining in the area.
About 20 minutes later a Hobby appeared moving in the same direction until a Peregrine appeared and looked like it chased it off heading back towards Holymoorside. 
I took some photos for the record but all the birds were very distant.

Hobby above a Peregrine

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