Friday, 12 February 2016

The Water Vole by Christine Gregory

My copy of local author Christine Gregory's new book, The Water Vole arrived through the letter box this morning. 
It looks superb with 240 pages of text and colour photographs, nearly all taken by Christine, in a similar format to her publication Brown Hares in the Derbyshire Dales.
In addition to covering the lives and ecology of the Water Vole there is a large section entitled Derbyshire's Water Voles with many photographs taken locally. 
Sadly the book also maps the decline of this iconic resident of our waterways, both Nationally and specifically in Derbyshire. I've mentioned previously my own observation on the Water Voles disappearance from many local sites in the last few years and as Chris Packham writes in his foreword to the book;
 'What would life be like without the characteristic 'plop', that little cork-pulling wet plop, which, if we are lucky , we can still hear as we wend along a wilder stream?' 
What indeed!
I'm looking forward to reading the book in the coming weeks, and well done Christine!

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