Thursday, 31 December 2015

Tufted Duck x Pochard hybrid back at Bakewell

The male Tufted Duck x female Pochard hybrid has returned for at least its third winter and was by the island in Bakewell this morning and giving great views in the sunshine. For the past two winters I've seen it around Chatsworth but it's certainly easier to view at Bakewell.
It has been occasionally reported as a male Scaup but it's more likely to be confused with Lesser Scaup although with views like these it shouldn't be a problem. 
The extensively black-tipped bill and grey back with fine black vermiculations separate the two. Lesser Scaup has just the nail of the bill black and the back is white with coarse black vermiculation. 
You can see these differences on the Lesser Scaup photographed at Ogston in March 2013, click the link and view below.

Tufted Duck x Pochard male hybrid

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