Monday, 26 October 2015

Kingfisher - River Bradford at Youlgreave

Nice views of a Kingfisher this morning at Youlgreave and with some sunshine. 
The water level on the river was as low as I have seen it, although talking to the locals I know that this section has dried up completely in the past.
River Bradford at Youlgreave


  1. Smashing shot of the friendly Kingfisher at Youlgreave Andy, it's the one Holly and me got close to a few week ago, I've put it's laid back attitude down to the cattle and walkers always mulling around in the area :-)

  2. Thanks Ian, the Kingfisher is not common round here but this one is a little easier to see than most, as you say probably get used to the passing foot traffic

  3. Andy. I live in Youlgrave. My mate John Barker lives newt door to you. How can I contact you please? I want to talk goshawks.

  4. Hi, you can e-mail me at


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