Saturday, 12 September 2015

Quail - Beeley Moor

Wow!! Doug Aston sent me this photo which he took yesterday evening at Beeley Triangle. Doug said he was parked up in his usual spot and the Quail walked out on to the grass verge. A few hours earlier all the verges were covered in cars as the Tour of Britain came up on to the moors from Beeley Village.
A great reward for Doug for all the hours spent watching the area. 
I posted a photo in Spring of a distant Quail in flight near Elton and commented that that was probably the only photo of Quail that would make it on to the blog. It just goes to show what's possible if you spend the time looking.
I have looked this morning without success but the weather is very poor so far today.
Quail (©Doug Aston)

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