Friday, 15 May 2015

Corn Bunting - male

Whilst I was away the only notable bird record I am aware of locally was that of a male Corn Bunting found by Steve Mann on agricultural land SE of Beeley Moor on the 8th May. It has been seen by several observers since, and fortunately was still present today. 
This is the first Corn Bunting I have seen in Derbyshire and to quote from Roy Frost and Steve Shaw's  The Birds of Derbyshire;

"The status of the Corn Bunting in Derbyshire has undergone various fluctuations over the last 100 years or so, but never before has it been so close to extinction as a breeding bird as it is now."

Although there are still occasional winter records there were no records of any singing males in Derbyshire last year so the chances of this male attracting a female must be slim. Let's hope that the distinctive song of this once common farmland bird is not lost from the County.
Corn Bunting - singing male

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