Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Little Grebe with Bullhead - Cromford Canal

The remaining snow is still making access on to the moors difficult so I tried Cromford Canal this morning hoping for Water Vole. No Water Vole's and some of the regular walkers on the canal say they haven't seen any since the summer, when the barge started operating several times a week, which is worrying. 
A female Little Grebe caught a Bullhead and took almost 10 minutes removing the spines before she could sallow it.

Little Grebe - female with European Bullhead

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  1. What goes around comes around. A few seasons ago I was enjoying watching a tiny trout fry holding station and intercepting food items with all the grace of an adult brown trout. It dropped down at one stage near a fist size stone on the river bed. Bam! A bullhead shot out from under the stone and engulfed the little trout whole. It was like watching a film of a monkfish in ambush only on a tiny scale...



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