Saturday, 23 August 2014

Osprey - Rowsley

My first Osprey of the autumn in the usual area between Rowsley and Congreave this morning. Ken had seen it yesterday afternoon and we saw it twice again this morning. 
It left in the direction of Youlgreave and its possible it could fish in the pool there I guess. There is more chance of a bird hanging around in the Autumn than Spring so its worth keeping a look out for it. 
Judging be the lack of pale tips to the flight feathers, some of which look a bit worn and the very dark central bar separating the underwing coverts from the secondaries it looks like an adult.



  1. Interesting that one of the Loch Garten juvs passed through a couple of days later, roosting N of Rowsley in Lees Moor Wood. From RSPB website:
    Millicent's missing data for 24 August is now available so I have attached an image of her whole route from Loch Garten to the current location. She roosted on 26 August in S Wales.
    The detail is as follows: At around 10.30 GMT on 24 August she passed into England just N of Catcleugh Reservoir, Northumberland where she may have had a refuelling stop. At 13.00 GMT she was W of Barnard Castle and crossed into S Yorkshire just after 15.00 GMT travelling S to pass between Bradford and Leeds before finally coming to roost at 19.00 GMT in woods N of Rowsley and E of Bakewell in Derbyshire. She travelled 310 km on this day.
    There is limited data for 25 August but she appears to have had a late start at 11.00 GMT travelling SSE. She may have spent some time exploring the River Derwent in the Matlock area. She may have only travelled 12 km or so during the day. On 26 August at 09.00 GMT she was travelling SSW from Cromford, Derbyshire passing over Birmingham and Ross on Wye before coming to roost at 19.00 GMT in woods on the Gloucestershire/Monmouthshire border, 6 km SSE of Monmouth. Millie travelled 170 km today and overall around 490 km for the three days. She has also reached some real heights of 1320 m and speeds of 41 kph!

  2. That's very interesting, it's amazing what this satellite tracking is revealing. There must be many more Ospreys pass down the Rivers Derwent and Wye than we actually see. From the info you have provided it looks like she may have been fishing on the river just north of Rowsley on the morning of the 25th which appears to be fairly typical behaviour.


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