Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mottled Grey

The text books indicate that the Mottled Grey is straight forward to identify but I generally have to take a fairly close look to separate it from the Early Tooth-striped, which is the only likely confusion species with a similar flight period. 
Mottled Grey tends to turn up a week or two before the Early Tooth-striped and males, as in the photo below, have feathered antenna whereas both male and female Early Tooth-striped have simple thread like antenna. There is a photo of both species together here
I would describe the Mottled Grey as scarce in the Peak District but it is probably under recorded due to the early flight period. This one was caught last night along with the first Brindled Pug of the year and I have added several Twin-spotted Quaker.
Mottled Grey

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