Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mediterranean Gulls - Ogston Reservoir

With an hour of daylight left I had a brief window of time to see something, it was raining, again, so I decided to try the Ogston Gull roost. Luckily Keith Turton was there when I arrived and found an adult Mediterranean Gull with an almost complete dark hood just as I arrived. As I attempted to photograph this bird he found another, still with the pale head of winter, then another similar bird and finally another adult with an almost complete black hood. 
Four Mediterranean Gulls on one reservoir in Derbyshire in one evening! 
The DSLR camera is not really suited for photographing birds at these distances, this is where digiscoping comes in but at least you can see what they are, and I managed photos of three out of four.

Mediterranean Gulls - adults


  1. There must have been a movement of Med Gulls into Derbyshire, as there were also 2 in the roost at Carsington.

  2. Thanks Clive, I guess they are moving North with the Black-heads. It would be nice to find one during the day.


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