Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Burnt-tip Orchid - Longcliffe

Regular followers of this blog will have noted that many of the sightings and photos featured are the result of the efforts of other wildlife enthusiasts and hopefully I have credited and thanked them in the relevant posts. 
Last night I had a call from fellow Darley Dale resident Alan Stewardson to let me know that he had seen Burnt-tip Orchid near Longcliffe over the weekend. 
Having never seen the Burnt-tip Orchid in Derbyshire, this is the only area where it is known to occur in the County, I was keen to see it. I counted about 20 flowers, Alan had seen about 40, but I didn't do a thorough search. The plants are less than10 cm tall and are easily overlooked.

Burnt-tip Orchid


  1. Hi Andy,

    I like your comment about taking credit from other wild-watchers. I read your post about the Speckled Yellow at Via Gellia and having never seen it before went searching. I found two in the bluebells near the top of the hill. So many many thanks for providing some very useful info.

    Regards and keep up the great work!

    Steve T

  2. Glad you managed to see the Speckled Yellow Steve, we are fortunate to have a good variety of moths in Derbyshire due to the mix of habitats - even though numbers are down this year there are plenty to look for.


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