Saturday, 1 October 2011

Deep-brown Dart - Hartington Quarry

Travelled to Hartington Quarry with Brian Statham and Simon Roddis and set up traps by the quarry entrance with the temperature at 18 Centigrade we were hoping for a decent number of moths with Brindled Ochre the main target. In all we caught 6 moths of 5 species in 2 hours, it difficult to explain such a poor catch in what appeared to be ideal conditions.
Fortunately for us one of the 6 was a female Deep-brown Dart a Derbyshire rarity. The status of this species and the Northern Deep-brown Dart is still somewhat unclear, so can't entirely rule this out although the habitat certainly favours the former.
The most recently reported Derbyshire records are attributed to the Northern Deep-brown Dart involving two individuals taken separately at Pleasley and Creswell in the NE of the county in 2006.

Deep-brown Dart

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