Thursday, 28 May 2015

Long-eared Owl - Beeley Moor

I had brief views of a Long-eared Owl in flight over the moor this evening. This is my first sighting since last summer and it is testament to their secretive nature that they can remain hidden for so much of the year. 
I saw it land in the base of an old birch, it took me 10 minutes to locate where it was sat and another hour to position myself, without disturbing the owl,  so that I had a clear view with no branches obscuring it - the light was poor under the tree but well worth the effort to get a photo of this iconic hunter of the moorland edge.
Long-eared Owl


  1. Lovely photo Andy - you must have been very pleased after the effort.

    I was at Flamborough Head last week and heard there was a tawny owlet (with mum) in the woods at the south bay. Even knowing it was there I was still unable to locate it, they are so well hidden !

  2. Thanks Martin, you need luck and patience to photograph owls I think.


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