Sunday, 22 March 2015

Mountain Hare and Golden Plover - Snake Pass

I took a friend, who had never seen Mountain Hare, up to the Snake Pass area today and we were fortunate with the weather as the sun came out shortly after we arrived. The hares we saw were still very pale so relatively easy to see. 
Whilst we were there we also had several pairs of Golden Plover and I am always surprised how quickly they are back on the nesting grounds. We still have around 150 in the Screatham Lane area so conclude that these birds must be heading much further north and hence delay their departure. Anyway great to see them up close in full 'golden' plumage.
Unfortunately there was a lot of heat haze with the sunshine which spoilt the photos somewhat but gives me a good excuse to go back.

Golden Plover & Mountain Hare


  1. Smashing shots Andy, the Golden Plover is a bird I've never got a shot of as yet :-)

  2. Thanks Ian, we do get any odd pair or two of Golden Plover nesting on Beeley and East Moor but you have much more chance of photographing them further north and Snake Pass is probably as good as anywhere.


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