Sunday, 4 January 2015

Little Owl - Bakewell

What a contrast in the weather today, clear blue skies from the off but cold, -4ยบ as I set out this morning. 
The Great Grey Shrike put in an appearance, again by Sitches Plantation, my first sighting of the year and good to know that the snow has not caused it to move on.
One of the birds I want to get better photos of this year is the Little Owl and I was lucky with my first visit for several months to a potential site at Bakewell. I watched this bird for a couple of hours as it moved through the bushes with an accompanying Blackbird constantly sounding its alarm call.
The Little Owl is widely distributed in the area, but like other owls, seldom seen.
Little Owl


  1. Lovely pictures Andy. I quite often see these when out working but almost always around barns and dry stone walls so the tree shots are a delight. Are you able to vaguely suggest the appoximate area on these ones as Bakewell is my patch and I wouldn't mind a little look if I get chance.

    1. Thanks Martin, most Little Owls in the Peak District are in barns but they do like to have bushes or trees nearby where they will sit during the day. Little Owls in trees like this Hawthorn are much harder to see and therefore are more often overlooked.
      Drop me an e-mail to for details.



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